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Hornchurch, Essex

At Girls Allowed Gym we are passionate about helping women reach their fitness goals in a friendly and supportive environment. Our approachable and expert team are on-hand  everyday to help you reach your targets and achieve the results you want.

We provide a range of services:

Healthy Havering: Hornchurch ladies-only gym perfect place to workout without fear of judgement

Laila Jacobi was featured in a Romford Recorder article highlighting that the Girls Allowed Gym is the perfect place to work out without fear of judgement, read the article.

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Have a look around our website - be sure to check out the class timetable,  take a look at our membership rates, meet the team, contact us, book your induction and read notes from existing members who make Girls Allowed  Gym a part of their daily lives. If you like what you see, make contact with us today and get ready to become a Girls Allowed Gym member - you won't ever look back.

What's new?


We're excited to announce that our new Girls Allowed Fitness Online Community launched at the beginning of March!

What is Girls Allowed Fitness Online?

Girls Allowed Fitness online is an online community which is hosted on Facebook, within which you can access:

  • ​ A library of different workouts to suit everyone, including cardio, stretch and strengthening exercises.
  • Workouts that you can do at home and the gym.
  • A range of fresh workouts will be added each month.
  •  Live Workouts with Girls Allowed Gym instructors.
  • Online support and advice. 
  •  The facility to ask questions, submit requests and leave comments. The Girls Allowed team will respond within 3-4 working days.
  •  A supportive community to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your goals!
  • Audios, videos and articles on topics such as exercise, nutrition and healthy eating, mind health, meditation and relaxation.

£4.99 for the entire year, that's all!

Once you've registered...

Once you have joined Fitness Online you will receive an email with the link to the group (which will be hosted on Facebook), click on the link to join the group and on 1st March you will be added to the group and you will receive a notification to confirm that you are now in the group.

Please note you do need a Facebook account to use the online community.

What's new?


Sculpt Mode is now available at Girls Allowed Gym in the retail store.  Prices range from £20 for leggings or £30 for two pairs, £25 for a hoodie or £40 for two, tracksuit bottoms for £15 and sports bras from £15. Enquire at the gym for details.


A brand new timetable has been introduced for the spring and summer months.


We've introduced a class lateness policy to make class attendence fair and safe for all our members. View the policy.