Fight Klub

​Combining circuit and boxing in a boot-camp-style class.

If you loved our ladies boxing and box boot-camp class, you should definitely give Fight Klub a go. Check out this video to see what you're in for!  Fight Klub classes are intense, but they're suitable for all shapes, sizes and experience-levels. You can push yourself hard or gimprove and enhance your workout as you build up your fitness levels. Fight Klub is suitable for individuals but is also great as a social experience.  Fight Klub is a fun work out which is set to music. the program is a combination of boxing, kick boxing and Thai boxing to stand alone punch bags.

​Combining circuit and boxing in a boot-camp-style class.

Girls Allowed Gym also holds a Fight Klub Boot-Camp at 9.00am on a Tuesday morning, which is a great class to challenge your fitness levels. The cardio-based class will also enhance your strength and endurance for the ultimate full body workout. 

This class is an overall fun class to help you to burn those calories.

Please note 45 minute classes are £6 and hour classes are £7 for non-members

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