Put your boxing gloves on...

If you're looking for a class that is fun and challenging with a range of moves, that will strengthen your muscles, improve your core strength and increase your stamina - give Boxercise a try. Boxercise is a highly energised class which is based on the training concepts used by boxers to keep fit. From shadow-boxing to hitting pads and kicking punch bags - there is never a dull moment!

Boxercise is a great way to release stress and will leave you feeling calm after all the tension has been channelled out of your body. Although you will not be engaging in direct physical contact, you will feel in control of your body and moves. 

Stimulate your mind, boost your self-belief, build your self-esteem and increase your discipline - the benefits of this class are endless. Having been proven to increase mental agility, the techniques used are known to lead to superior decision-making skills and improved hand-eye coordination. 

This class is for all ages and fitness levels and although it is based around boxing techniques, class do not involve physically hitting anybody, it is a completely safe workout.​ If you're seeking a highly energised class which takes you out of your comfort zone and works every muscle - Boxercise is for you!

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Monday at 9.30 - 10.00 with Laila Jacobi
Thursday at 18.30 - 19.15 with Clare Jolley


Laila Jacobi and Clare Jolly

Love this class, lots of variety, learning new techniques every week! Not only do we box, but it's an all-round cardio and weight workout - there's something great every week! Great fun, girls are fab, it's a class I look forward to".

Jenny Baker
Girls Allowed Gym member

Claire's Boxercise class is a great 30 minute workout, the warm up is fun and fast, followed by 30 minutes of boxing combinations and moving around like you would in a ring. It's not too advanced so you can pick it up quickly. Even someone like me with no coordination! It's a fun class so you don't actually feel like you exercise! Paired with Claire's Meta Fit class just before, I usually burn on average 570-600 calories for an hour's work.. that's a guilt-free chocolate bar right there... or 2! Thanks Claire".

Ashley D
Girls Allowed Gym member