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Combining resistance training, with intense cardio, muscular endurance and strength training, the Girls Allowed Gym circuit class incorporates short bursts of activity at a variety of different exercise stations. From burpees, mountain climbers, battle ropes, jacks and squats to planks, push ups, bunny hops, rowing and ab crunches - there's a real mix of moves and this class provides something for everyone to enjoy a full body workout. 

The popular class will take you through 2 different circuits which will enable you to experience a series of 8-12 exercise stations for 50-60 seconds with a brief rest between exercises. The circuits will enable you use your own body weight, free-weights and gym equipment to give your body a real blast from top to toe.

Circuit class is the ideal workout for those who are short of time as you'll get a total body workout that will combine cardio with strength training within a short 45 minute time period. This class will hit every major and minor muscle group and seriously challenge your whole body.

Circuit class will set your metabolism levels soaring and enable you to burn more calories than you would jogging on the running machine - during and even after the class has finished. If you're finding it difficult to know what to include in your own gym workouts - circuit class is a sure fire way to pick up ideas, learn the latest fitness techniques and to get comfortable using gym equipment.

Put all aspects of your fitness to the test and boost your strength and aerobic fitness in our Sunday morning circuit class with Aleesha.

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Circuit class is a great way of including moves I would never have thought of on my own within my weekly fitness routine. The class is friendly and welcome but also challenging - its set at completely the right level for those who are new to fitness and also those who have been going to the class constantly and improving week after week. 

Holly Williams
Girls Allowed Gym member