Fitness Pilates

Pilates-inspired moves to top 40 chart hits

If you're looking to develop a lean physique with a tough core whilst improving your flexibility and posture - Fitness  Pilates is for you.  Fitness Pilates is a equipment-free total body strength and flexibility work-out which uses your own body weight to tone key muscle groups. Not only is this class fun, entertaining and refreshing, it'll also help you to improve your overall posture, core stability, cardiovascular conditioning, whilst providing you with the opportunity to relax and unwind. Finally, it'll set you on the path to a lean dancer-like figure.

Whilst this class is challenging and certainly keeps you on your toes, all fitness levels are welcome. The class is suitable for beginners as easier modified options are suggested throughout, however intermediate and expert level Pilates enthuasiasts will still find this class challenging.

This class does not include choreography or dancing around the room, you will remain mostly in one-spot whilst undertaking various stretches and poses in standing, seated and laying down flat positions.  You will work on your breathing and carry out Pilates-inspired movements targeting all parts of the core, trunk, arms, abs, thighs and more. 


When is this class on?

Wednesday 19.00 - 19.45

​Who teaches this class?

Sara Dove