Group Power

A fun an enjoyable group strength training class

Group power is an outside-the-box strength class which combines traditional, functional, Linea and loaded movements incorporating the use of barbell freeweights and the step or just you body weight! Get muscle strong & Movement strong. Group Power is a strength training workout using your own body weight, an adjustable barbell and weight plates. The class combines traditional strength exercises with functional training moves to make you fitter and stronger. Blast all your muscles with a high-rep weight training workout.

Using an adjustable barbell, weight plates, and body weight, Group Power combines squats, lunges, presses, and curls with functional integrated exercises. Dynamic music and a motivating group atmosphere will get your heart rate up, make you sweat, and push you to a personal best!

Ten tracks are expertly programmed with specific workout objectives such as warm-up,  legs,  chest, back,  triceps, biceps, shoulders your core and stretching.

Group Power is for everyone - no matter what fitness level. Beginners are welcome as are any gym goers that wish to add a fun means of strength training to their exercise routine. Group Power is especially suited to women because strength training exercise is proven to reduce the incidence of osteoporosis. This class is ideal for those who re short of time as two sessions per week will lead to fast results. 

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