​Feel the burn whilst losing the fat

If sheer calorie burning and strength building is what you are looking for in a short, convenient but effective class - HIIT is for you! Enjoy a system of timed exercise that moves your body into different positions, at a fast pace, alternating between intense bursts of energy and fixed periods of exercise that will challenge you to the absolute max.

From burpees, squat jumps and reverse lunges to press ups, mountain climbers and high knees - get prepared to push beyond your limits and train hard in this quick 30 minute session.

HIIT is ideal for busy schedules and lifestyles as you'll burn more calories in a half hour HIIT class than you will jogging for an hour on the treadmill - and this has been proven! HIIT is the route to a healthier heart, as you'll push yourself HIIT will ensure that you'll lose weight rather than muscle whilst increasing your metabolism. Additionally you can do a HIIT workout anywhere, without any equipment - yet it is seriously challenging! Despite its intensity - Girls Allowed Gym's HIIT classes are for all fitness levels and abilities and take place in our comfortable, friendly and non-intimidating environment.


HIIT Step is designed to bespoke soundtracks that have been created by some of the UK's top house DJs. HIIT Step is a high energy class that pushes you to new limits. HIIT Step is accessible to all due to the assitance you can gain from the use of the step. You can burn up to 400 calories in one session and then continue to burn calories after the class. HIIT Step will improve your power, speed, coordination, agility and endurance. Crazy Cardio on Saturday is occasionally a HIIT STEP class, please enquire at the gym as to when our next Crazy Cardio HIIT Step class will take place or book onto HIIT Step with Clare Jolley on Thursday's at 9.00am.

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