Give your body a swing...

From one-arm swings, high-pulls, snatches, cleans, shoulder presses and other techniques that originate from the squat position - our Kettlebells class will challenge key muscle groups and condition your whole body. This resistance training class uses kettlebell weights that are swung using the whole body for the movements. Kettlebells are weights that are made out irons that look like a cannon ball with a handle.

Not only is this class fun and time-efficient - Kettlebells provides a thorough whole-body workout and is a quick 30 minute class - a sure fire way to build core strength in your lower and upper body muscles, tone your body, enhance your stamina, develop improved posture, burn fat and get fit in one go.

You don't need to be very strong to join our kettlebells class; kettlebells come in different weights and sizes so you can start at your own pace. Like all of your classes, Kettlebells is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. Give it a try!

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When is this class on?

Tuesday at 19.30 - 20.00
Wednesday 10.15 - 10.45 - Kettle Bells and TRX

​Who teaches this class?

Sara Dove