​Spin your way to fitness

This 30 minute class  is exhilarating and specifically made for a high intense workout for calorie burning and fitness endurance. Push your body through barriers, pump up your gears and burn off those calories. A fun way to work out!

Get the benefits of cycling the distance without having to endure the outside weather conditions. Persevere through tough hill climbs and flat road sprints - yes it's challenging but its motivating, invigorating, it's an instant mood-booster and is a great way to burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes! Monday and Friday morning classes are 45 minutes long.


Spinning improves your cardio ability and tones your legs, thighs, glutes whilst working your core. Although it is an intense class - there is minimal impact on your knees and you can remain in full control of your bike's resistance level. The classes include a range of techniques from heavy hill climbs to steady races and high-paced sprints. Each instructor brings a range of different techniques to vibrant sets of music - making for a fun and enjoyable class!  

​To keep up with the latest trends and to ensure noise control earphones are used during our spin classes which intensifies the music and provides a unique spinning experience. 

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Thank you to the Girls Allowed team, I joined the gym not so long ago - mainly for spin classes for my wedding, I've now lost 1 stone and 1 point, all thanks to you guys!

Vicky Love
Girls Allowed Gym member