Total Body Conditioning

Get your body into tiptop condition..

A free m-style class working your body from head to toe with an awesome cardio effect, light weights and lots of reps to create lean bodies. Core training combined with back strength exercises to keep you functional and strong in your daily life. All abilities welcome options for all the classes. If you're looking for a class that will help you achieve real results, ensure you lose weight and get a full top to tow body workout - a total body conditioning workout is for you. 

This class combines strength training and cardio for a high energy workout. The class takes a freestyle format and includes the use of dumbells, kettle bells and free weights to get you burning calories and conditioning those key problem areas.

Total Body Conditioning (also known as TBC) is ideal for all fitness levels, it is good fun and motivational. Don't miss out on this good fitness and toning all-rounder. Give it a try - you will be sure to enjoy it!