​Exercise for the mind

This is a Hatha yoga class run by the well-known Lesley Mylrea. The class focuses on connecting to the breath in poses and holding poses to build strength as well as flexibility. Lesley's classes vary in length and as she teaches a wide variety of people who are at different stages in their yoga practice she can adapt the class accordingly to ability level.

This yoga class will provide you with various physical benefits including increased strength, higher flexibility, improved posture and better overall balance. Additionally, you'll benefit from a range of psychological benefits to improve your mental well-being from stress reduction and enhanced mindfulness abilities to better concentration and enhanced sleeping patterns.

Lesley Mylrea​

Lesley has been practising Yoga for 18 years, she attends various in-depth workshops and training days and has gained a wide and diverse knowledge of Yoga. Lesley is a British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher and completed her three-year Diploma course and qualified in 2006, she has been teaching yoga ever since.

Lesley has in the past assisted in a weekly Restorative Yoga Class which enabled her to develop an understanding of how to safely modify poses and work in a recuperative way. Lesley runs workshops as well as retreats to allow her students the opportunity to explore and deepen their yoga practice.


When is this class on?

Tuesday 10.00 - 11.00am

​Who teaches this class?

Lesley Mylrea

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