Member of the month: June winner

Meet our member of the month for June - Andrea Veares

Andrea Veares was June's winner of the month for the "most determined member". All of us instructors at Girls Allowed Gym have all noticed and admired Andrea's sheer dedication. Andrea always puts 100% effort into everything she does in the gym and in our classes.

Andrea really deserves this award and her prizes, she is a lovely lady who shows great commitment and determination always. She is looking absolutely fantastic!

Well done Andrea!

Andrea's story...

I joined the Girls Allowed Gym in January. I love the Meta Fit and Box Fit classes. I joined the gym as I struggle to lose weight by dieting due to being a very fussy eater! Since joining the gym I have lost over 2 stone and my body shape has changed. I've never really been a gym person but the gym is so welcoming and everyone is so friendly that I don't feel self conscious. The instructors are all lovely and give help and motivation.

Member of the month: May winner

Meet our member of the month for May - Ashley Dalton

Since Ashley joined Girls Allowed Gym in February she has shred almost 2 stone​ - in just 3 months! Ashley's fitness levels have gone through the roof and her body shape has completely changed. This girl has impressed all of the instructors at Girls Allowed Gym and has received some great prizes including one month's free membership.

Well done Ashley!​



A few words from Ashley...

Im not a selfie person and I only really take pics of the kids, but these are my before and after pics after 4 months of being a member at Girls allowed gym. I've been voted "member of the month" and for someone who loves cake more than gym I'm so happy with myself and the progress.... and not to mention all of the great things I've won!

Futre gym competitions

Ladies as it is the summer and many of you are away enjoying your holidays, we have decided to run the next member of the month competition in September when you're all raring to go post summer-holidays. 

Enjoy your summer, make the most of the relaxation and watch this space for the September competition details. There will be more great prizes for you to win!

Congratulations to Andrea Veares who won in June and Ashley Dalton who won in May!

So remember...