Member of the month: May winner

Meet our member of the month for May - Ashley Dalton

Since Ashley joined Girls Allowed Gym in February she has shred almost 2 stone​ - in just 3 months! Ashley's fitness levels have gone through the roof and her body shape has completely changed. This girl has impressed all of the instructors at Girls Allowed Gym and has received some great prizes including one month's free membership.

Well done Ashley!​



A few words from Ashley...

Im not a selfie person and I only really take pics of the kids, but these are my before and after pics after 4 months of being a member at Girls allowed gym. I've been voted "member of the month" and for someone who loves cake more than gym I'm so happy with myself and the progress.... and not to mention all of the great things I've won!

June's gym competition

Ladies welcome to June! Summer is coming and here at Girls Allowed we really want to help you to achieve your fitness goals so you are ready for summer.

So the Girls Allowed Gym team Laila, Sue, Sara, Amy Claire Jolly, Claire Webb, Zoe, Chris and Paul have come up with a plan.

Over the next 30 days we are going to be watching you! We are looking for a member that is the MOST DETERMINED! We are looking at members that attend regularly, put in maximum effort and achieve results! At the end of the month we will each put names into a hat and select a winner.

More great prizes too!

Congratulations to Ashley Dalton who won in May!

So remember...


The winner will be announced on 30th June. Good luck ladies and go on make that change!​