Mind health

Yoga and Mindfulness workshops

Girls Allowed Gyms is working with yoga expert Lesley Mylrea to bring you months yoga and mindfulness workshops.

Join our yoga workshop 'focussing on side movements' on Saturday 26th January from 14.00 - 16.00 - it's one not to be missed! Contact Laila to book your place.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

RTT helps you rewire your mind in as little as one 90 minute session. It helps you change unwanted behaviours, beliefs and habits. Myra McHale has been personally trained as a RTT therapist by Marisa Peer, the ‘therapist’s therapist’, and RTT is Marisa Peer’s methodology based on 30 years experience, dealing with top CEOs, royalty, film stars, rock stars and ordinary folk too and it is now taking the world by storm. Numerous health professionals are training in RTT and getting amazing results in as little as one session.

Myra will be holding a Rapid Transformation Therapy workshop on Saturday 9th February in the Girls Allowed Gym studio from 13.30 to 16.00. Details are as follows:

How to kickstart 2019 and succeed in every level

Our mind is our best friend and ally, and it does what we tell it based on the words and pictures we give it. Its main job is to keep us safe and away from harm. The only problem is without realising we are often giving it the wrong instructions. We shall look at what this means and how to communicate more effectively with our own minds and get better results.

How to be at the top of your game

Get clear on what it is that you want. Whatever that is, to be slimmer, calmer, more positive, more successful in relationships or business...Tell your mind exactly what you want and visualise it so your mind gets a clear image of what you want. Once your thinking is aligned with what you want, then your feeling and actions reflect that. Check out what is preventing you from getting what you want. Make sure to check for any “mental virus” to get rid of the obstacles. Like a computer that starts to run slower and with problems when it gets a virus, the mind can be affected by negatives beliefs and behaviours that are like viruses that make it difficult for us to achieve what we want. Check out which ones you might be suffering from and then eliminate them, as you would do in your computer. Some will be easier to see and eliminate, some will run deep and are not easily seen or understood and this is where as little as 1 Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session can be life changing.

Understanding how your own mind is hardwired

Nobody can reject you unless you agree with them. Don’t let criticism and harsh words in...when you were a child you didn’t have a choice, but as an adult you do have a choice and can exercise it. You don't have to listen to what other people say, instead give yourself the praise you need. You will feel your confidence and self esteem rocket.

Instead of focussing on the problem, focus on the solution, ask the mind what to do, how to solve the problem. Your subconscious mind, once accessed in hypnosis, has near perfect memory recall and will help you see how patterns, often formed in childhood, are driving your present behaviour. This can be a revelation and can allow you to LET GO, so important and empowering.

Often our experiences as children make us believe that what we want and need is not available to us and it is important to see that when we are in our mother's womb, life gives us everything we need: shelter, warmth, food, everything we need at that moment is at our disposal. Once you reconnect with that conviction, with the help of RTT, life changes because the limitations you placed on yourself just fade away...and that is so exciting!

Become bulletproof

If you feel rejected, check out what this means to you. What is “your mind” telling you? That you are not good enough? That others are better that you? That you will never get what you want? Tell yourself instead that you are good enough, that you are unique, that you deserve and will attract what you want for yourself. Your inner critic is what put you down, and the only one that has power over you is you, and that, you can change. What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and how can it help? RTT helps you rewire your mind in as little as one 90 minute session. It helps you change unwanted behaviours, beliefs and habits.

Get in touch with Laila Jacobi to place your order on 01708 606 112 / 07931595190 to book your place.