Mind health

Yoga and Mindfulness workshops

Girls Allowed Gyms is working with yoga expert Lesley Mylrea to bring you months yoga and mindfulness workshops.

Join our yoga workshop  'Saluting the sun, moon and earth' on Saturday 27th April from 14.00 - 16.00 - it's one not to be missed! Contact Laila to book your place.

Welcoming Spring - Sat 23rd March

This workshop focussed on gaining a sense of renewal and awakening from the darker winter months as our days get lighter and longer. The session included back arches to open the body up and twists to spring clean your body and mind.

Saluting the sun, moon and earth - Sat 27th April

This workshop will focus on saluting the sun, stars, moon and the earth. The salute to sun, stars moon and earth workshop will be looking at various sequences to salute sun and moon. Whilst some with be dynamic others will be holding each pose. The salute to sun is empowering and energetic whilst moon and earth sequences calming. Some of the sequences will perhaps be familiar but some new and hopefully enjoyable.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

RTT helps you rewire your mind in as little as one 90 minute session. It helps you change unwanted behaviours, beliefs and habits. Myra McHale has been personally trained as a RTT therapist by Marisa Peer, the ‘therapist’s therapist’, and RTT is Marisa Peer’s methodology based on 30 years experience, dealing with top CEOs, royalty, film stars, rock stars and ordinary folk too and it is now taking the world by storm. Numerous health professionals are training in RTT and getting amazing results in as little as one session.

Myra held a Rapid Transformation Therapy workshop on Saturday 9th February in the Girls Allowed Gym studio which members really enjoyed. The session included hypnosis, mindfulness techiques, how to succeed and be top of your game, how to become bullet-proof and was focused around the concept 'I am enough'.

Get in touch with Laila Jacobi to place your order on 01708 606 112 / 07931595190 to book your place.