Healthy Havering: Hornchurch ladies-only gym perfect place to workout without fear of judgement

Laila Jacobi was featured in a Romford Recorder article highlighting that the Girls Allowed Gym is the perfect place to work out without fear of judgement, read the article.

Retail and hair studio now in operation

We are excited to announce the launch of our
new retail business and in-studio hairdresser!

Not only can you come to the Girls Allowed Gym for a work out, classes, personal training, nutritious meals and massage - you can now get your hair done and buy your gym gear at the gym as well!

New studio opening

We are excited to announce that the new studio is now open 

Classes will be taking place in the new studio tomorrow and the Girls Allowed shop and hairdressers will be in operation from Thursday 12th April.

Just finished my 2nd charity run and this time was different. Spent a lot of time with Laila in girls allowed gym doing personal training sessions to get me fit and healthy. I've never been big person but struggle with confidence and being comfortable with my body. Spent most of my 20's I'm fad diets and lack of exercise. Since training with Laila I've been able to go on holiday and wear a bikini and not cover myself up all the time and doing my run today i felt confident and fit. This is all thanks to Laila and girls at girls allowed gym. I still have a lot of work to do to help my confidence and body issues but Laila has helped me come a long way. Just signed up for half marathon for next year and hopefully my bikinis will show themselves a lot more going forward.

Claire Girls Allowed Gym member


We are excited to announce that the Girls Allowed Gym will soon be opening a brand new studio!

The new studio will enable more classes to be introduced to the existing class timetable as well as more space for you to work out.

That's not all....! We will be joining forces with local businesses to provide you with a hairdresser and sports clothing shop.​

Stay tuned.... more information to follow soon.


Girls Allowed Gym is excited to be taking our classes into the local community and working with the ladies at HASWA (Havering Asian social and Welfare). At Girls Allowed we know how important it is to look after your mental, physical and social wellbeing so we are looking forward to offering our classes to the local community so they can also enjoy all the benefits we are experiencing from the classes.

To recognise International Women’s Day Girls Allowed Gym members and instructors joined the Mayor of Havering and participated in a charity run in Upminster park to celebrate 100 years of women’s suffrage.