Personal Training

Sometimes we need that extra motivation.  Have no fear, our very own experienced Personal Trainers can help you with that.

There are many benefits to having your own personal Trainer; the main value is to ensure you reach your own goals and see the results.

For some people they find going to the gym tedious and need that extra push. With Personal Training all we ask is that you commit. Your Trainer will ensure that they add that extra value to your life, whether it’s for your special day, or even to improve health, rest assured no challenge is too big and you will see the difference.

Make the change today – contact us for further information.  Check out our Personal Training Offers here >>>

After my mum had her leg amputated she was determined not to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair as do so many people in their 80’s. After first trying to join another local gym, she was turn away, not only did Girls Allowed Gyms take her in, they have provided her with friendship and encouragement along the way. Its’ the highlight of her week – Thank you for helping to give her life back. 

Malcolm Manning