Meet the team



My name is Laila I am the owner of Girls Allowed Gym. I have been teaching fitness since 2000. I teach Spin, Yoga , Meta Fit , HIIT , Kettle Bells and Boxercise . I am also a qualified level 3 personal trainer and a sports massage therapist.

I feel really fortunate that I come to work everyday to do a job I love – helping and encouraging women to look after their health and well-being, whilst being surrounded by a great team and members. I am HIIT Step and Fight Klub trained.


My name is Sara, I love working out and I love inspiring other people to do the same. I love working with all the girls at the Girls Allowed Gym. I truly believe that keeping yourself fit and healthy works not just in changing your body’s appearance but also in creating positivity and well-being in the mind.

Classes I teach at Girls Allowed:

Supple strength: This class focuses on posture, keeping the body strong and improving flexibility throughout the body, keeping the muscles long and lean.

Abs/Body Conditioning: This class improves the strength of the deep abdominal muscles and outer abdominal muscles. This improves core strength. This class will benefit you in all aspects of other exercises that you do.

HIIT: This class involve a system of timed exercise that moves your body in to different positions. Working at a faster pace, to increase calorie burn and strength.

Spin: This class is exhilarating and specifically made for a high intense workout for calorie burning and fitness endurance. Pushing your body through barriers. A fun way to work out!Soon to be adding many more to my list. I am also, level 3 diploma, PT qualified.

I am HIIT Step and Fight Klub trained.



I got into exercise in my 30’s after having my second child, I loved the energy of classes and the social side of it. I got healthier, I lost weight, my whole well-being was so much better. I then decided to go into teaching and here I am! I’ve been teaching exercise for 10 years and I am Romford based. I teach a variety of classes from RPM to Body Conditioning.



Jane is passionate about health and fitness and loves to lift weights. Jane is a Mum of two who stays active walking dogs and coming to the gym reguarly. Jane recently turned her passion for fitness into a career and is now a Level 2 gym instructor and nutrition advisor and will soon complete her level 3 personal trainer course. Jane has also booked into a Power Wave course next month and will soon also be qualified to teach Power Wave classes.





Sarah has her level 2 & 3 personal training qualification, she also has qualifications in indoor cycling, Metafit, hiitstep, Boxercise (for adults and kids), fight klub and Aqua. Sarah has been qualified since 2017 and loves her job. 

Sarah decided to pt/teach when she got made redundant from her job in a bank after 15 years and wanted a career change. She love helping people reach their goals and sharing their journeys. Health and fitness is a big part of her life and she enjoys sharing her passion with others.


Qualified Level 2 Exercise to Music and Fitness Instructor
Qualified Spin Instructor 
Qualified Level 1 Powerwave Instructor
Qualified HIITSTEP instructor


1 to 1 Pilates Instruction
Including post and prenatel
1 to 1 yoga Instruction

Sonia Elsey

Qualifications : RYT250  
200hr RYT Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 
  50hr RYT Yin Yoga & meditation 
Yoga is Therapy ~
I discovered the magic of Yoga 6 years years ago when I needed to find calm and inner peace.
As a new mum, I had very little ‘me’ time but  I would turn to Yoga to de-stress whenever time permitted and loved the positive effect it had on my mind and body…I felt stronger yet leaner and bendy and my mind clearer. After nearly 3 years of teaching Yoga, I AM HOOKED!!! 
I teach 2 very different styles of Yoga and absolutely love both… the Yang (Vinyasa) practice focuses on strength, muscle tone, stamina, posture, balance and will increase fat loss and maintain an active body whilst the Yin Yoga is extremely passive and relaxed and focuses on maintaining healthy muscles and joints by increasing circulation and flexibility as well as restoring balance and harmony to the entire body by using skilful sequencing of postures to nourish the body’s vital organs including the brain and central nervous system. There are no standing postures in Yin Yoga therefore this style of Yoga requires a less active body and is suitable for all levels of fitness. 
My favourite pose ~ Savasana of course!