Mind Health

Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions

Find relief with our Yoga & Mindfulness sessions, and Rapid Transformational Therapy

Yoga Workshops

Girls Allowed Gyms is working with yoga expert Lesley Mylrea to bring you months yoga and mindfulness workshops.

Our previous workshops have focused on gaining a sense of renewal and awakening, body and soul cleansing, and celebrations of nature. Every workshop is aimed at relaxing, focussing, and relieving stress.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

RTT helps you rewire your mind in as little as one 90 minute session. It helps you change unwanted behaviours, beliefs and habits.Myra McHale has been personally trained as a RTT therapist by Marisa Peer, the ‘therapist’s therapist’, and RTT is Marisa Peer’s methodology based on 30 years experience, dealing with top CEOs, royalty, film stars, rock stars and ordinary folk too and it is now taking the world by storm. Numerous health professionals are training in RTT and getting amazing results in as little as one session.