In-house Massage Treatments

We all want to be healthier, fitter, stronger and have more energy to get through each day and live our lives to the full. A vital ingredient for achieving this success on your journey to wellbeing is eating well. Time is the key factor that prevents us from prepping food in advance in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

From jerk chicken with brown rice and peas and beef stew with brown noodles, to white fish with spinach and tomatoes with veg and our vegetarian options from butter-bean casserole to chick pea curry – there’s something for everyone. What’s more, our meals are all under 500 calories – perfect for those trying to loose weight, get fit whilst ensuring they reach nutritious fulfilment.​At Girls Allowed Gym we want to give our members access to healthy meals which are ready just as speedily as fast food but which enable optimal health and nutrition. Ready in just 5 minutes in the microwave, Girls Allowed Gym meals taste great and conveniently bring healthy, low-calorie ‘clean’ eating nutrition into your daily routine. 

The massages take place in the Girls Allowed Gym and also in Sun-rays beauty salon next door and will soon take place in a massage room in the new studio a few doors down from the Girls Allowed Gym. Why not give our massage services a try? If you’re impressed you can start to incorporate regular massages into your health and fitness regime to boost your circulation, get rid of muscle tension and improve your ability to relax and reward your muscles after pushing them to the max in the gym.

Prices are: £4.00 per meal – that’s five days worth of lunches and dinners for just £40 (£4 x 10), or 4 meals for £20.


“I just want to say how much I love these gym meals… I have no reason to skip lunch anymore because they are so quick and easy. I’ve never had much of an imagination when it comes to eating healthy but these meals are so tasty and full of flavour I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’ve even got my husband addicted to them. My favourite is the jerk chicken and chicken stew. Thanks Girls Allowed Gym – I cannot recommend them enough!”

Girls Allowed Gym Member