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Getting fit doesn't need to be a struggle

Girls Allowed Fitness online is an online community which is hosted on Facebook, within which you can access a range of amazing fitness goodies like home workouts, live workout sessions, online support, and various tips and advice.

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Life can be busy and hectic, whether its driving your children from A to B, fitting long working hours into your life, managing your own business, studying or if you simply can’t fit in a trip to the gym – Girls Allowed Fitness Online is your answer! Our online community includes workout videos for you to follow either in the comfort of your own home or for you to use a guide in our Girls Allowed Gym. Think of it as your own video PT session in the gym! Our videos include top techniques from our most popular classes including cardio, stretch and strengthening techniaues, workouts using your own body weight and workouts using Girls Allowed Gym equipment.

Nutrition advice and guidance

We all want to be healthier, fitter, stronger and have more energy to get through each day and live our lives to the full. A vital ingredient for achieving this success on your journey to wellbeing is eating well. Time is the key factor that prevents us from prepping food in advance in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Girls Allowed Fitness Online has got this covered too! The online community will include top tips, recipe and meal ideas, nutrition support and advice as well as inspiration for you to create and maintain healthy eating habits as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Relaxation and mindfulness

Rest and relaxation is often the last thing on our mind and this practice often gets forgotten or de-prioritised for years! Our online community will include relaxation and mindfulness videos for you to complete at home to give you the head space you need to continue to focus and maintain a healthy mind.